Best of the Worst - Netflix

The series features regular rounds such as ‘Pick the Worst' – covering categories such as musical instrument, tattoo or things to buy on eBay. There is also be the ‘Best of the Worst Bottom Five' in which the teams have a chance to discuss topics like the world's worst album covers, look-alikes or even religious sightings. Points are scored if their nominations match those of the studio audience.

Best of the Worst - Netflix

Type: Panel Show

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2006-09-01

Best of the Worst - Best, worst and average case - Netflix

In computer science, best, worst, and average cases of a given algorithm express what the resource usage is at least, at most and on average, respectively. Usually the resource being considered is running time, i.e. time complexity, but it could also be memory or other resource. In real-time computing, the worst-case execution time is often of particular concern since it is important to know how much time might be needed in the worst case to guarantee that the algorithm will always finish on time. Average performance and worst-case performance are the most used in algorithm analysis. Less widely found is best-case performance, but it does have uses: for example, where the best cases of individual tasks are known, they can be used to improve the accuracy of an overall worst-case analysis. Computer scientists use probabilistic analysis techniques, especially expected value, to determine expected running times. The terms are used in other contexts; for example the worst- and best-case outcome of a planned-for epidemic, worst-case temperature to which an electronic circuit element is exposed, etc. Where components of specified tolerance are used, devices must be designed to work properly with the worst-case combination of tolerances and external conditions.

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