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Get ready for a strange but fun-filled adventure with your favorite group of assassins. The killer class is back but this time they've got…magic. In this brand new spin-off series, follow the chibis of Class 3-E as they learn swordsmanship and sorcery at Kunugigaoka Magic School. Their mission... Defeat the evil Demon King Koro Sensei and face the trials and perils of their magical school.

Koro Sensei Quest! - Netflix

Type: Animation

Languages: Japanese

Status: Ended

Runtime: 10 minutes

Premier: 2016-12-23

Koro Sensei Quest! - List of Assassination Classroom characters - Netflix

The following is a list of characters for Yūsei Matsui's Assassination Classroom and its spin off Koro Sensei Quest manga series, which has also received anime and live-action film adaptations. The series mainly focuses on the students of Kunigigaoka Junior High School's Class 3-E as they attempt to assassinate their teacher, a tentacled creature named Koro-sensei.

Koro Sensei Quest! - Other students - Netflix

Nobuta Tanaka (田中 信太, Tanaka Nobuta) and Chōsuke Takada (高田 長助, Takada Chōsuke) Voiced by: Hiroki Gotō (Nobuta) and Masahito Yabe (Chōsuke) (Japanese); Chris Guerrero (Nobuta) and Dallas Reid (Chōsuke) (English) (TV anime) Nagisa's former classmates who are constantly seen poking fun at Class 3-E. Kazutaka Shindō (進藤 一考, Shindō Kazutaka) Voiced by: Takuya Sato (TV anime) (Japanese); Christopher Wehkamp (English) A student of Class 3-A and ace of the school's baseball club that Sugino was once a member of. He previously mocked Sugino's role in Class 3-E, but after being beaten by them in a baseball game, he rekindles his friendship with Sugino and helps them out during one of the exams. Ayaka Saitō (斎藤 綾香, Saitō Ayaka) Portrayed by: Wakana Aoi A student of Class 3-B and Nagisa's old friend who exclusively appears in the live-action film.

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