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Picture This comprises a short reality television series following the progress of six up and coming photographers as they are guided by a group of established photographers and gallery owners, and a website (www.channel4.com/picturethis) which is designed to help people improve their photography in a friendly, constructive environment.

The TV show takes the form of a constructive competition judged by photographer Martin Parr of the Magnum Photos photo agency, Brett Rogers of the Photographers' Gallery and Alex Proud of Proud Galleries.

Type: Reality

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2008-01-06

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Picture This is a 2008 romantic comedy film released on July 13, 2008 on television by ABC Family, branded as an ABC Family Original Movie, and on July 22, 2008 on DVD. The film is produced by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and drew 5.3 million viewers, one of the top movie ratings of the night.

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Amazon stated that "Technology is the way of the future and every high school student needs a video phone, at least according to Mandy and her friends Alexa and Cayenne. When Mandy's overprotective Dad finally gives her a video phone and a pair of contacts for her 18th birthday, Mandy feels like her image, and her entire world, is about to change for the better—especially when her long-lived crush Drew Patterson actually notices her. What Mandy doesn't count on is that her father will use her new phone to track her every move and that Drew's attention will inspire Lisa, the hottest, most popular girl in school, to begin plotting against Mandy with a vengeance. A full 90 minutes of serious attitude, technological obsession, deception, and just plain meanness, this film appeals primarily to the preteen and teen audience and manages to convey the message that goodness and trust will prevail despite enormous odds. Parents will most likely find the film distasteful, though they could potentially learn something about letting go, and it should be noted that there are a fair number of sexual references like “hump and dump,” virgins being “deflowered,” and “do her and dump her.”. Common Sense stated that: "Parents need to know that the teens in this movie are inseparable from their video phones and sometimes border on voyeurism with their exploitation of peers' embarrassing moments. In one scene, for instance, a girl snaps a photo of her classmate's partially exposed thong underwear and emails it to the entire student body to humiliate her. While there's nothing beyond a kiss and slow dances to see, teens use terms like “do her and dump her” and “hump and dump” to refer to potential casual sex. The main character's rebellious teen behavior (sneaking out to attend a party, lying to parents, etc.) is cast in a humorous light, but she does learn valuable lessons about listening to her conscience". ()

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